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 You can also book SPOOK CIRCUS for festivals, public shows or even private parties!

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Peter Campbell-Wells has taken some of his favourite stunts from the repertoire of fraudulent 19th Century spirit mediums, and put them together as a children's magic show!

Our intrepid magician presents a dazzling troupe of eerie entertainers:

These are the most highly-trained and talented spooks working in entertainment today - although that, admittedly, isn't saying much!

His card magician is in a huff, the orchestra is tone deaf, and the star of the show is always hungry!

Can Pete keep control and bring them in line for the Edinburgh Fringe?

SPOOK CIRCUS is a family show, suitable for all ages.

It was nominated for Best Children's Event at the Brighton Fringe by the readers of Latest7 magazine. More details here.

It played to packed venues at the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe Festivals, and will be at the Windsor Fringe on September 22!

Check back often for further dates across the UK.
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